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Dragon Tribune’s Winter Playlist

The staff gives their picks song for the winter

Pragnya’s Pick

“Seigfried” – Frank Ocean

“This is not my life / It’s just a fond farewell to a friend / It’s not what I’m like / It’s just a fond farewell”

I love the sound of this song. It’s slow and melancholic and beautiful for winter. I also love these lyrics because of the reference to Elliott Smith.

Addisyn’s Picks

“New Years Day” – Taylor Swift

Please, don’t ever become a stranger / Whose laugh I could recognize anywhere

I like it because it’s a song about holding onto the memories of someone who you do not want to go away

“Shiver” – Coldplay

“But you never even see me, do you?”

A sad song, but that’s why I like it.


Katherine’s Picks

“Silver Soul” – Beach House

“It’s a vision, complete illusion”

I like the slowness of the song; it just gives the perfect winter vibe.

“The Blonde” – TV Girl

“Are you sick of all the stares?”

This song reminds me of late night car rides and cold weather.

“Nervous” – The Neighbourhood

“You’ve got me nervous to move”

The Neighbourhood has great winter songs. I love this song because it’s slow, but in a good way.


Joe’s Picks

“‘Coming Back (feat. SZA)” – James Blake, SZA

“But do you fantasize about the things you really want to feel? / I know you fantasize about the life you really want to build”

This is honestly a good song for any time of year, but it’s been one of my favorites for a long time. I started seriously listening to James Blake during the winter, so I just associate his music with this season. He’s a great artist, and SZA’s vocals just take this song to another level of great.

“Wash.” – Bon Iver

“Same white pillar tone / As with the bone street sand is thrown where she stashed at us / all been living along / Where the cracks at, in the low part of the stoning”

Bon Iver is an artist who’s perfect to listen to during the winter, in general. “Wash.” is one of my favorites from his self-titled album, and it sounds like a wintry landscape. 

“Voyager” – boygenius

“Walkin’ alone in the city / Makes me feel like a man on the moon / Every small step I took was so easy / But I never imagined a dot quite as pale or as blue”

From their second major release this year, “the rest,” “Voyager” is a highlight. Phoebe Bridgers’ vocals are soft and beautiful, and the imagery this song holds is phenomenal. It’s a great cold, late night, kind of song. 


Christine’s Picks

“Asleep Among Endives” – Ichiko Aoba

“At any moment the world will awake / Shining upon us”

I like this song because it emulates the cozy vibes that come with winter in a way that is comforting and calm.

“Iodine” Pinegrove

“My iridescent mind is reaching up for something pure and or actual”

I like this song because it’s upbeat yet bittersweet and I like the nostalgic vibe it gives off.


Arden’s Picks

“This December” – Ricky Montgomery

“It’s just a little bit, it’s just a little bit / Lonely in this home / It’s always colder on your own / My darlin’”

This song is simultaneously upbeat with a kind of rock-ish feel and depressing with its deeper lyrics. This song is a perfect introduction to the winter season and preparing for the sadness that winter is so often associated with.

“Mines (Crystal Bells)” ConcernedApe

This song, which plays when you go through the mines in the game “Stardew Valley,” is calming and comforting. Honestly, any of the mines or winter songs from “Stardew Valley” have this tranquil feeling and are a lovely background for any midterm studying one may have to do this winter season.


Suhavi’s Picks 

“Santa Tell Me” Ariana Grande 

“Santa tell me if you’re really there / Don’t make me fall in love again if he won’t be here next year”

I like this song because it’s just the right kind of music to sing and dance to during the Christmas season. It also just feels like a fun beat and that’s what holidays are supposed to be about. 

“this is me trying” Taylor Swift 

“I just wanted you to know that this is me trying / At least I’m trying”

This is one of my favorites to play in the winter because it’s the right amount of feelings provided in the song for winter. The song also sounds just like snow. 

“Heather” Conan Gray

“I still remember the third of December, me in your sweater / You said it looked better on me than it did you”

I like this song because it just feels like winter. It feels gloomy and comforting and I think that’s what winter is about.

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Joe Ferrara, Staff
Joe is a senior at Carroll Senior High School, and is a first-year member of Dragon Media. He’s always had an interest in writing, and recently worked on the 2023 Literary Magazine Club. Besides writing, he’s also active in the Carroll Art Department, is an Eagle Scout, and works part-time at Starbucks. He plans to major in journalism in college.