It’s “All in the Timing” for Carroll Theatre


Everyone needs a good laugh and the latest show performed at Carroll Senior High School, All in the Timing was the perfect solution. Made up of seven one-act skits, this comedy focuses on the importance of timing, community and relationships, and “embracing weirdness,” senior Xander Griffin said. 

The first scene, titled “Sure Thing,” plays with the question, “What if I could have a second chance?” During the scene, the characters Betty and Bill go on a date, but they can ring a bell to restart the evening or change their answer if they make an embarrassing mistake, allowing for hilarious attempts to set the course of the date straight as they get to know each other and strive to be compatible.

 “The first scene is my favorite part of the show,” sophomore Polina Lisovenko said. “It is full of philosophical musings about how timing affects our relationships.” This scene sets the stage for the rest of the skits. 

The next scene, “Words Words Words,” exemplifies a theory that if you gather three monkeys together, sooner or later they will write “Hamlet”, commenting on human community, ingenuity, and of course, how the passing of time drives creativity. It also takes the audience through the amusing process of the primeval characters figuring out how to write and work together. 

“Universal Language”, the third skit, features two characters named Don and Dawn. As a con artist, Don tries to swindle Dawn into learning a made-up language, but in the end, the two end up falling in love as they learn more about themselves and the strange, made-up method of communication. This scene explores the concept of global vs. individual connectivity, something we can all relate to with the often overwhelming presence of social media and the constant connection of the internet.

“All in the Timing” was quite the undertaking for the Carroll Theater staff, involving more staff and actors than ever.  

“Everyone had more responsibilities and there was definitely more pressure,” sophomore Remy Adams said. “But it was more rewarding when it was all done.” 

With more responsibilities came “an opportunity to grow as an actor and also to grow as a person,” Griffin said, and the Carroll Theater department is not slowing down anytime soon. Their next musical performance, “Footloose,” is now open for auditions. Get ready for more singing, dancing and performances from Carroll Theater.

Photos by: M. Alegria, D. Teng, B. Davenport