Blockbuster Buzz: Holiday Movies


Afton Fay, Multimedia Director

As we edge closer to the holiday season, we are once again faced with the task of choosing what to watch from a plethora of holiday movies. As students with busy schedules, it is next to impossible to watch them all, so I’ve found that just a small selection of classics is just the perfect amount to get you in the holiday spirit.

One of my personal favorites, “The Santa Clause”, never lets me down. It was released in 1994, making it a classic family Christmas movie for the past 26 holiday seasons. In a brief summary, the movie focuses on a man, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), who accidentally knocks Santa off his roof, and is left with the task of becoming the new Santa. At first, he denies this new job, but over the course of the year, he starts to gain weight, grows a beard and acquires a strong taste for milk and cookies.

Although, no movie is complete without a conflict. While this change occurs to Scott, his ex-wife and her husband worry about the effect the “Santa obsession” is having on their young son Charlie.

My favorite parts of this movie are its emphasis on the Christmas spirit, comedy and overall entertainment value. It perfectly captures the change within a person who learns to feel the spirit of Christmas again, after having become an adult and no longer believing in it. As a teenager who feels she is growing up much too fast herself, it is refreshing to see someone even older than myself still believing in the spirit of Christmas. Among this, it is also quite comical and keeps viewers entertained throughout the film.

Overall, this movie never fails to get me into the holiday spirit and is available to watch on Disney plus for free with a subscription, which is a total win at the end of the day.

But, if The Santa Clause doesn’t sound quite like your cup of cocoa, here are a few more classic Christmas movies for you to consider this holiday season!

  1. “Home Alone”
  2. “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”
  3. “A Christmas Story”
  4. “Miracle on 34th Street”
  5. “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Just by clicking play on all of these classic films, you will be transported back to how it felt to be a kid, believing in Christmas magic and positive things. With all that has gone on throughout this year, I think it is important to make the most of this holiday season by sitting down to watch one, or multiple, of these classic movies with your families, and get in the holiday spirit before the year is over.