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Underrated Songs that You Need to Hear

From a mix of pop, alternative and more, here are 7 songs you should listen to

“The Cave”  Mumford & Sons

“The Cave” is off the album “Sigh No More” by Mumford and Sons. It’s more of an indie alternative band, and this helps give the song a great vibe and overall feel to it. It is a very underrated song; truly the songwriting is just phenomenal and it’s just a good song with not only the songwriting, but the beats and how the guitar is playing out to the entire song. If you’re kind of into this kind of writing, singer, songwriter, alternative indie kind of music, this song would be 100% a song you need to listen to.


“Flawless”  The Neighborhood

“Flawless” is from the “I Love You” album by The Neighbourhood. The Neighborhood is a band that focuses on storytelling within the song writing. The song gives off someone who wants to keep a relationship but at the same time does not want to. This song has good beats and gives off an attentive style of music. And if that’s your style of music, then this song would be a great choice to listen to.


“The Last Time” Taylor Swift

“The Last Time” comes from “Red TV” and is a very underrated song within the album. It features Gary Lightbody from the band Snow Patrol. The song describes a relationship ending between lovers. The songwriting has a way of just putting you in the feels. Even if you have never liked Taylor Swift, or are just not really into her music, if you want a really good sad song, this one might be for you.


“The Anchor” Bastille

“The Anchor” can be found on the album “World Wide” by Bastille. It is one song that many can relate to, but it doesn’t get enough attention. It gives the feel of someone struggling with something and needing something to hold onto them. Bastille is the band who wrote “Pompeii” and “Good Grief,” so if you are a fan of those songs and want more music, this song is a good one to listen to.


“Swim”  Alec Benjamin

“Swim” is off the album “Narrate for You” by Alec Benjamin. Alec’s songwriting helps bring attention to the song. Although it is kinda repetitive, it has a strong beat and lyrics. The song feels like it deals with relationships and maybe trying to mend them. If you’re a big Alec Benjamin fan or you’re trying to get into new music, this song would be good for you.


“Dinner & Diatribes” Hozier

“Dinner & Diatribes” comes from “Wasteland, Baby,” a top-tier album by Hozier. With his songwriting and the beats that go into this music, it gives off this very alternative rock vibe with a little bit of indie and folk. If that’s your style and you’re like, “I want to listen to more of those songs,” this song would be good to listen to.


“King and lionheart”  Of Monsters and Men

“King and Lionheart” is from “My Head Is an Animal” by Of Monsters and Men. This song is never really talked about, but it has a story similar to another song called “Little Talks.” It focuses on relations between two people and when you listen to it. It gives off the feel of the 2010s. If you’re into that kind of music, this song would be a great song for you.

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