Eight Great Sitcom Halloween Episodes to Watch This Season


Arden Berry, Copy Editor

Looking to get in the Halloween spirit but don’t have enough time to watch a whole movie? Try some of these 20-30 minute sitcom episodes. 

“Parks and Recreation” – “Greg Pikitis” (2009) – S2:E7

Altogether a hilarious and iconic episode, “Greg Pikitis” is not only a great Halloween episode, but it introduces Andy’s alter ego, FBI Agent Burt Macklin. Between Leslie’s repeated attempts to catch her nemesis, Greg Pikitis, and Ann’s failed Halloween party, this episode is a goofy, feel-good Halloween episode that will leave you screaming, “PIKITIS!”

“The Office” – “Halloween” (2005) – S2:E5

Filled with the cast in silly costumes and the episode that solidified Creed Bratton as one of the funniest characters, “Halloween” is a funny Halloween episode that managed to create a successful Halloween episode that didn’t interrupt the normal flow of the show and its characters. 

“Community” – “Epidemiology” (2010) – S2:E6

One of the scarier episodes on this list, “Epidemiology” is not for the faint of heart. The episode involves the main cast trying to escape a Halloween party that slowly but surely becomes a modern zombie apocalypse. “Epidemiology” will keep you on the edge of your seat – assuming you don’t fall off from laughing too hard.

“Community” – “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” (2011) – S3:E5

Yes, another “Community” episode and, brace yourself, it’s a spooky one. This episode involves Britta convincing the gang to tell scary stories in order to find out which member of the study group is a psychopath. “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” is a thoroughly entertaining and scary episode, perfect for getting in the Halloween spirit without having to watch anything too terrifying.

Any “Brooklyn 99” Halloween Episode (“Halloween,” “Halloween II,” “Halloween III,” “Halloween IV,” “HalloVeen,” and “Valloweaster”)

Okay, so this isn’t just one episode – but the “Brooklyn 99” Halloween heist episodes are just too iconic to only pick one. If I had to pick my favorite, it would be “HalloVeen.” But, if you haven’t seen the show before and want to pick one to watch without any spoilers, I would recommend the first one, “Halloween.” Anyway, like the rest of the series, these episodes are a perfect mix of mystery and comedy, filled with heists, hijinks, and a whole lot of laughs.

“The Big Bang Theory” – “The Imitation Perturbation” (2018) – S12:E6

“The Imitation Perturbation” is a goofy episode, mainly because of the gang’s costumes. With Howard and Sheldon dressing up as each other, Amy dressing up as Bernadette and references to the show’s first Halloween Episode, “The Middle Earth Paradigm,” this episode is a silly picture of this show’s classic, nerdy banter.

“The Goldbergs” – “Stefan King” (2016) – S4:E5

“The Goldbergs” is known for its parody episodes, and no one, not even Stephen King (sorry, Stefan King) is safe. When Adam writes a creepy horror story, his mother, Beverly, is very proud, until she realizes she is the monster in the story and, in a horror-movie-like fashion, traps Adam in his room on Halloween night until he writes a story that puts her in a more positive light. This episode hyperbolizes Beverly’s smothering to be very, very creepy, but very, very funny.

“The Mindy Project” – “Halloween” (2012) – S1:E4

Not as well-known of a sitcom, but still a hilarious one, “The Mindy Project” has a funny Halloween episode, complete with a laughably horrible costume montage, a grown man failing his driving test multiple times, and a Princess Bride reference at the end.