Yasmina Kantar, Staff

Each year, no matter how hard we try to purchase just the right amount of Halloween candy, it always seems to be that we have an excess amount of treats by November 1st. Especially in 2020 with the coronavirus, it is difficult to know how much candy you should have. 

If you need some ideas on what to do with all of your leftover candy, here are 7 tips to make the best use of it all.

  1. Bake it

From a huge variety of delicious treats, there are limitless ways to reuse your Halloween candy into a brand new desert. Cookies, fudge, brownies…your options are endless.

       2. Donate to troops

Deployed service members very much enjoy a sweet treat once in a while. Soldiers’ Angels is a nonprofit organization that accepts extra candy and then delivers it to active troops and veterans.

      3. Freeze it

Did you know that freezing your candy in the freezer keeps the candy fresh and new? Popping your excess treats in the freezer allows you to enjoy them later on, they will also last many months when kept correctly.

      4. Create care packages and send them to loved ones

It is holiday season, which means everyone should receive a gift. You can create little care packages using your leftover candy, and everybody loves some extra sweet treats.

     5. Donate it to a local food bank

Everyone always needs a sugar pick-me up, donate your candy so everyone can enjoy a sugary treat.

      6. Make art with it

Art candy may sound weird, but you can create a beautiful collage with it. Another way to mke art is by creating candy holiday ornaments for upcoming holidays.

       7. Let’s be honest

You can always just eat it.