COVID-19 deaths surpass 1 million worldwide

COVID-19 deaths surpass 1 million worldwide

Nysa Lilani, Staff

Just recently, the COVID-19 deaths have just passed 1 million and are currently at 1.01 million deaths worldwide. During these past eight months, the pandemic has affected the lives of many and impacts include  health concerns, quarantine, and more. “Some people may think because it’s 1 million people out of the entire world population, it’s not a big deal and aren’t taking COVID seriously. But it’s not just a number, it’s 1 million people who’ve died to covid. For the past eight months I’ve spent way more time with family and also learned to value my friends more rather than taking for granted seeing them in person and in that environment,” Kirti Kanatla (10) said.

Here’s more from Carroll students on the milestone cases.

“I think it’s very unfortunate that so many people are passing away due to COVID and the times are really hard right now. These past eight months have been rough with all the plans changing and everything being done differently due to the virus, however I still think there are some positive outcomes. For example, it is really nice that everyone gets to spend time with their family and have more free time. All in all, I hope people will continue to take things seriously by staying safe and protecting themselves and others.”

Suryamukhi Venigalla (10)

“The last 8 months has made me very grateful for my health and the people in my life.”

Meghana Pitta (10)

The increase of covid cases is obviously worrying, and it is difficult to place blame on one event as so many essential workers are working hard to save people during this time. I am very grateful to be safe in my house and neighborhood. Personally, adjusting to DVA has been easy and I am able to function just as well as in person. I hope everyone is social distancing and keeping themselves safe.”

Sarah Jacob (10)