Shuttle Busses Take COVID Precautions


Breanna Davenport, Coverage Editor

The shuttles have several new rules and precautions in place to keep students safe and prevent the spread of COVID19. These rules include loading one bus at a time, getting the provided hand sanitizer when entering or exiting the bus, sitting one person per seat, and keeping masks on at all times.

The buses have a one-person per seat policy so students aren’t as close to each other. “It’s nice to have the extra room so you have your own space,” says Rylee Hunt (10), “I feel safer because I’m not directly next to anyone.”

When a bus is full, it immediately leaves to go to the other campus. The other buses stay back making sure they got everybody. “It’s easier to catch the buses because they stay longer,” says Elissa Tucholski (10).

Here are more thoughts on the new precautions from shuttle riders.

Violet Macy (10)

“I like that it’s one person per seat because I don’t have to worry about other people.  Last year it was packed. I feel safer not having anyone next to me.”

Brooke Wilkerson (10)

“I don’t like the new rules. I would rather sit next to my friends. I don’t think it is efficient because they are using more gas. I mean no, I don’t feel safer this way.”

Reagan Evans (9)

“I think the changes are smart because we aren’t in direct contact with each other. I’m usually a little late for my classes. It could be faster. For the most part, I feel safe, but not completely because we are still really close.”