New ways

Changes to hallway traffic flow receives mixed reactions

Maddi Alegria, Staff

Across Texas, schools have been opening-up and to stay safe, there are a number of steps CSHS and CHS have taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

At times, during the school day, the hallways used to be very crowded with students. But now with the virus, schools have adapted and tried to minimize that problem. One way is establishing one-way circulation in the hallways that includes physical distancing guides, such as tape, rope, cones, and signs on walls.

 Carroll High principal P.J. Giamanco and Senior High Principal Shawn Duhon said that administrators on both campuses worked to put up the barriers to “help the flow and make sure that we are all walking in the same direction to limit contact.”

They even changed the stairs to be designated for one-way traffic. At the high school, they have split up the stairways and chose some to only be for going up and others only to go down.

 Brooklyn Schraden (10) believes this change has “cleared up the stairways a lot but other than that the hallways feel pretty much as crowded as they normally do. I think it only makes you later to class.”

As the schools implement measures for our safety some students have mixed feelings about the modifications.

“I think now that they have monitored it, it’s getting better with people following it and I think it’s really necessary.I know that it’s good for us but it’s kinda stressful that I have to go all the way around to get to one spot,” Olivia Leblanc (10) said. 

Other students have more positive outlooks on the new hallway restrictions. 

“It is amazing for social distancing and I don’t mind it since it’s trying to help prevent the spread of the virus more,” Grant Moore (9) said.