Sing it out

Choir holds second annual open mic night


Students and parents flooded into the SAC, prepared for a night of beautiful and exciting music. Choir held their second open mic night on Sept. 15 and had 15 different acts, ranging from Bollywood numbers to musical theatre and country. Some students chose to sing duets and even multiple songs. With an abundance of food and coffee, it made for a very relaxing night.

“I love that it’s not like a regular choir concert,” senior Emma Cave said. “It’s a more casual and a great social setting that allows students to express themselves and their different styles. I love to sing any chance that I get, so I knew I had to take this opportunity.”

While last year’s open mic night was held at Buon Giorno, the event was overly crowded and there were few seating options available. The directors decided the SAC would be a better fit.  

“The SAC was honestly a better place to hold it because it could fit more people and it was much more laid back,” senior Michelle D’Amico said, “Open mic night was really fun and I loved being able to hear everyone sing and support one another.”

Nearly half of the performers were underclassmen who chose to take advantage of the opportunity to sing. Sophomore Erin Pitcher was one of them, singing the song “Xanny” by Billie Eilish.

“It’s always a little nerve racking because the upperclassmen are so talented,” Pitcher said. “But I’m always determined to prove myself, and it’s a great way to get to know other people in choir.”

Overall, the booster club raised $134 from selling coffee and snacks and the event was well attended. The choir department hopes to hold a second open mic night in the spring semester.

“I’d say the event went even better than expected,” Cave said. “It had minor hiccups but we got lots of amazing acts to perform, lots of applause and even raised some money.”