Now more than ever

Student council partners with TASC to film commercial on voter registration

Avery Allen, Managing Editor

As we move through elections, the number of voters under 30 has only increased. From the 2014 election to the 2018 election, the number of votes cast by millenials and the younger side of Gen X in midterm elections increased by 21.9 million. By the 2018 elections, after only 4 years of Gen Z citizens reaching the eligible age, there were an estimated 5 million registered voters between the ages of 18 and 22. 

This month, student council was personally elected by the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) to film and act in a commercial targeting high school and college age voters. Several students also participated in training to become voting registrars. The commercial was organized by senior Libby Lester and student council advisor, Lindsey Jacobson.

“Our council has now served as a national and district level officer for at least one year and a state level officer for two years,” Jacobson said. “We’re working to create lasting relationships through networking with the local, state and national community members giving our campus a positive and influential voice for projects like the Voting Deputy Registrar Training Commercial.” 

Taking on the weight of representing TASC, several of the participants learned something new about the voting process. Matthew Colvin, a teacher who participated in the training, learned how to be a registrar and watched his students understand more about the voting process. 

“I had no idea that a person who is 18 could have such a large role in voting and getting others registered to vote. I loved seeing the passion and excitement of our future generation,” Colvin said. “It made me feel like we are going to be okay.”

Lester is the state representative for Carroll’s student council and was the primary student involved in organizing this commercial. 

“I am personally passionate about this project because I believe in the importance of voting,” Lester said. “Getting more people in my generation to vote is the only thing that will help us to enact the change we want to see.”