Students walked around the gallery to see other people’s artworks and pieces.

Personal overview of VASE

Captured memories, nerve-racking interviews and lots of art

March 6, 2018

The 2018 Visual Arts Scholastic Event took place Saturday, Feb. 10, which students of both the high school and senior high school campuses, freshmen to seniors, took part of.

As a freshman last year, I was nervous to go to the interview, to say the least. I found my room and waited until I was called in. The lady who was going to ask my about my portrait welcomed me and melted all the anxiety away. She asked me about the meaning, the message, the elements, everything I was expecting, while she jotted down notes and eventually dismissed me with a smile.

This year as a sophomore, I had two interviews for two pieces of artwork. One of the interviewers was strangely quick, and so gratefully easygoing. The second I can easily say was less enthusiastic, going through the process like she had been all day, but, nevertheless, listened to what I had to say. I kept in mind that they actually had been there all day.

The interviews aren’t as bad as first-timers may think they will be, but I would never say it was the pinnacle of the day — that part would revolve around making memories there with my friends.

We all met up in the art building at the senior high before 9 a.m. to prepare paperwork and everyone’s pieces.
All the art kids loaded up onto a couple of busses to go to the competition at Timber Creek High School.
We had to find a spot somewhere in the crowded cafeteria to put down our bags, food and pieces.
VASE volunteers started to lay out the pieces that had interviewed early and earned top scores.
My friend Peyton Lawrence’s painting of her brother earned a top score.
Students walked around the gallery to see other people’s artworks and pieces.

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