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FAQ regarding walkout on March 8

FAQ regarding walkout on March 8

Everything you need to know about demonstration next week

March 1, 2018

Next Thursday, March 8 (A-day during second block) there will be a peaceful walkout at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 lives lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Here is a list of things students should know before walking out.

  1. At 10 a.m., students should quietly leave their classes and meet at the BACK of the school. We will walk through the two back doors near the SAC. Please do not linger in the hallways.
  2. The administration has made sure that students will not be punished; there will not be any disciplinary action taken against students and there will not be any absences issued.
  3. Even if you are at the high school at this time, you can still participate in the walkout. Students at the high school are to meet at the BACK of the school for safety concerns.
  4. For now, in order to help this event be a bit more organized, please fill out this form if you are planning on walking out:
  5. If you are looking for an orange armband or bandana, please look for Alanna Miller (@alanna_miller29 on Instagram), Hannah Xu (@hannah.xu on Instagram) or Anika Shah (@anikashah04 on Instagram). They will be passing them out every day up until the event.
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