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10 (not so cliche) New Year’s resolutions

Students share unique promises to themselves

January 21, 2018

Monday, Jan. 1. A new year, a new week, and a chance to set new resolutions. Many students are focusing on health and homework, but here are some of the quirky, relatable, and outside-the-box goals students have set for this year.

“To not borrow my mom’s clothes anymore.”

– Aubrey Parr (11)

“Find more time to read for pleasure and not for schoolwork.”

– Areeba Hafeez (11)

“Get over the little things.”

– Jack Tucker (11)

“Not spend my saving money.”

– Ali Dominguez (11)

“Stop biting my lips when I get anxious.”

– Anika Shah (11)

“Go one day a week without social media.”

– Christina Melocik (12)

“Start thinking more positively and to have a brighter, happier outlook on life.”

– Anna Chase Lanier (12)

“To make everyone that I meet a happier person.”

– Saunders Penn (12)

“To have more boldness, confidence, and faith this year.”

– Jacob Askew (12)

“Drink more water to keep myself from withering away.”

– Maddie Bunten (12)

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