Grant Autry

Passing periods run wild

What do you do with your 12 minutes?

September 26, 2016

Passing periods are beloved by the students at Carroll Senior High, at 12 minutes there is a variety of things that a student could do with their time. They could visit the library, eat at the cafeteria, use the bathroom, maybe do all three if they felt inclined to do so. Now, let’s see firsthand what the students at Carroll Senior High do with their precious passing periods.

“I just go and talk to my friends while slaying the fashion game, it’s important to me that I express myself through fashion, and the passing period is a great way to show off my clothing to a diverse group of people.”

– Josh Miller (12)

“I go to the cafeteria, buy a water and sit at the same table every day with my closest soccer friends. We talk about our next game and how we think the team will do.”

– Chelsea Ybarra (11)

“Well, I try and take advantage of my time. So, I use the bathroom each passing period and buy a snack to hold me over until my next meal, while talking to my football buddies.”

– Dalton Gray (11)

“I go downstairs near the entrance of the library, where all my friends are. We talk about Fellowship of Christian Athletes(FCA), a student lead group where we can talk about our christian faith and make new friends.”

– Hannah Christensen (12)

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