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Teacher Feature – Madame Cross on her journey across the world

From taking French for the first time to teaching it, Madame Cross reflects on her French journey and her ultimate return to Carroll.
Katherine Morosova
Madame Cross teaches her second block French III class at Carroll Senior High School.

Q: First off, you said you graduated from Southlake, how is it returning and coming back and teaching here?

A: It’s been really great. There’s a lot of things that have stayed the same, but there are also subtle differences, like the school looks a little different. It’s interesting because I was a part of the theatre department, and now I get to help direct the theatre department. It’s very interesting to just learn more about the school because when I came here as a student, I knew like half of it but just to know that other half – it’s a really cool experience.

 Q: What do you do with the theatre department?

A: I’m just an aiding director. I will help with auditions, and I help at rehearsals and stuff. Mr. Barbe is the director, but I just help out where I can.

Q: So, you lived in France before you came; what’s your favorite memory from there?

A: I think my favorite memory was getting to work with the little kids I worked with every single day. I worked at a school on Mondays where I would stay the entire day, even though I only had to work for like 2 hours that day, just because I loved spending so much time with them. They were just the sweetest.

Q: What were the main differences between working in France and here?

A: I was a teaching assistant in France, so I didn’t have to handle any attendance; I didn’t do lesson planning or anything like that. I just got to create my lessons and then I would do them, but no classroom management or anything like that. It’s been a good change; it’s nice to be able to have my own classroom and my own space but definitely more responsibility here than what I had in France.

Q: Do you think your experience in France has helped you here?

A: Oh yes, for sure. I think my ability to roll with the punches has gotten a lot better. I’m able to answer questions and go with the flow a little bit better and adapt a lot better.

Q: What made you want to learn and teach French in the first place?

A: I actually took my first French class with Madame Hayes at the high school, and I really loved it. I loved her class and I just felt really passionate about the language; I thought it sounded pretty and that’s why I started. But I started learning more about the culture, and I thought it would be really cool just to be able to communicate with people I never would have been able to before.

Q: Do you think, for the future, you’d want to keep teaching French?

A: I think so. It’s what I did in university, and I keep finding myself going back to France, like no matter what. So French, I think, is always going to be a really important thing to me and a part of my identity.

 Q: Which do you prefer: teaching in France or teaching in America?

A: I feel like I like teaching in America better because I have my own classroom, and I get to choose what I want to do, and I get to spend a lot more time with the kids. In France, it was like three days of the week, and I would spend like a couple of hours, so now I get to be here all day, and I get to be a little bit more a part of the community.

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Katherine is a junior at Carroll Senior High School and a first year member of Dragon Media. She loves reading and writing and hopes to experiment with different types of journalism. Outside of school, she loves playing soccer, listening to music, watching Netflix, and FaceTiming her friends.