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Drive to film

Senior starts self owned business

March 3, 2016

A break from school can lead to a number of things: getting away to a tropical paradise, working a local job at the grocery store, or maybe even just spending some extra time to play video games at home. Andy Bojorquez craved something beyond the spectrum of stereotypical summer pastimes.

Last summer, Bojorquez started up his own car filming business, NTO TV, or North Texas Origin TV, which can be found on YouTube.

“The first video I made was a little test trial with a new camera I got,” Bojorquez said. “It was just a film of my own car, but I ended up really enjoying it. Each video I made got a little better and better, so I wondered just how far I could test my limits.”

Bojorquez has been on the car scene ever since he was a kid. More recently, he has attended local car events weekly to pass out business cards and spread the word out of NTO TV. To his surprise, he has started to gained some attention.

I got ten bucks for my first paid video I made for someone,” Bojorquez said. “As I’ve been making more videos and meeting more people, I have progressively been getting paid a little greater each time. Right now, I have been doing a lot of videos for free just to get the notoriety around the car scene.”

Though cars have always fascinated Bojorquez, he has only recently become interested in filming.

“I was inspired by car videos made by other people in that same sort of scene I was in,” Bojorquez said. “They have this certain amount of quality about them. Now, I feel like I have to put in that same amount of quality into my videos to be that good.”

To reach his goal, the aspiring videographer is willing to dedicate as much time as needed to create his videos. On average, filming takes him around one to four hours each video. For editing, it can range from one day to a whole week.

“Depending on the type of video, it can take up a lot of my time,” Bojorquez said. “But just seeing the video at the end of the process makes it all worth it. It’s something you made entirely, and it’s a good feeling.”

To keep up a signature style in his content, Bojorquez likes to keep his videos clean cut with clips of the cars in action.

“I really enjoy simplicity in what I create,” Bojorquez said. “When I edit a video, I try to make the color scheme go with a certain type of music that I feel compliments it. It all ends up flowing very nicely.”

Though Bojorquez isn’t entirely sure what profession he wants pursue in the future, he hopes to keep his interest in cars and film evident in whatever he finds himself doing.
“I am planning on majoring in mechanical engineering when I go into college, but filming is definitely something I want to hold on to,” Bojorquez said. “I am hoping that this business leads me towards greater opportunities in which I am able to explore both of those interests.”

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