Masterclass in Football; Linemen


Photo courtesy of Dragon Football

Southlake Carroll has a long tradition of excellence in football, complete with a masterclass in each role. One of these such roles, an unsung hero of the game, is the lineman, an often misunderstood role with a key position in any side either offense or defense.

As the playoff season carries on into the semifinals, it is important to know who the valued players are and what their position does. Offensive linemen, for example, play a key role in holding back blows to the quarterback from the other side, and protecting runs from behind the line from defenders. Immensely experienced, this type of linemen are highly trained and selected with much experience: Arthur Clayton, junior, for example, is a current varsity offensive lineman, having four years in his position.

“Simply put, our role on the field is to protect the ball,” Clayton said. On the field, he has to hold a key mentality of “respecting his position” and “preparing for his assignment”.

When on the field, linemen have to keep in the headspace that many players share, that of absolute concentration and dedication to their role.

Defensive lineman Dylan Vaughn, junior number 99, said that during plays he has a “killer mentality” when the snap is called, rushing forward. He said that he “visualizes what and how (he’s) about to perform” on any particular play, keeping watch for the opposing line ahead of him, ready to bear their teeth and strike. 

In football, especially high school and collegiate, we always hear about those ‘big names’ – quarterbacks, to receivers of all types – even the linebacker gets some notoriety. However, the linemen still play an important role that should not be overlooked or ill spoken of, these are not only the ‘big guys’ of the field, they’ve been trained to perfect a certain set of skills that not many can achieve.

Make sure to keep a keen eye on what both offensive and defensive linemen are doing this Saturday at the semifinals of the 6A division, between Carroll and Duncanville; and keep an ear out for more football news brought to you right here on