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10 songs to add to your Spotify playlist this month

10 songs to add to your Spotify playlist this month

Some of the best tracks to listen to during wintertime

December 5, 2017

Winter break is coming up soon, so that means numerous new albums will be coming out. Here are 10 best tracks to listen to during the holiday season.

  1. “Believer” by Imagine Dragons

Why listen: This song is a gem of summer 2017. Even though summer is over, this song is still good in many ways. This song and a lot of other summer hits are still great and will continue to shine in the months to come.

  1. “Dirty Sexy Money” by David Guetta and Afrojack, featuring Charli XCX and French Montana

Why listen: When David Guetta released a snippet of this song on Twitter, it blew up, and everyone wanted this to release. It finally did and I sure wasn’t disappointed, along with others who were hyped for this. I never was really into French Montana nor Charli XCX until this song. This song is a great song for anything hype related, and it is just an amazing song in general that I still listen to repeat on Spotify.

  1. “Bad At Love” by Halsey

Why listen: Halsey is one of those artists that might give you an eerie vibe, but in this song, you get more of a pop style with a rock edge to it. This song carries out the fact that Halsey has had bad experience with love and relationships. The way she portrays this is incredible.

  1. “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato

Why listen: This song is a huge game changer for Lovato. She is transitioning into a pop star and is turning completely away from the Disney realm. She is finally becoming well known without Disney’s publicity; it was probably hard for her to break away from that. This song is a huge hit, and I love it. The lyrics, the beat – everything about this song is amazing.

  1. “Wait” by Maroon 5

Why listen: Maroon 5 made the transition to pop like most of these artists on the list. A lot of people thought this album wouldn’t be good at all, but it turned out to be a hit. Maroon 5 was good then and still is now. Styles don’t matter because it’s still good, and Maroon 5 is still making hits.

  1. “Champion” by Fall Out Boy

Why listen: It feels like this band has been here since forever. They have been pumping out hits like crazy. Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite bands of all time, and this song shows that they might be changing styles, but will never stray away from an alternative music vibe.

  1. “Dusk Till Dawn” by ZAYN featuring Sia

Why listen: Zayn and Sia’s styles are very similar which makes this tune work really well. This is a very sad song with a hopeful chorus. This song sounds like a very sweet lullaby and is all around amazing.

  1. “GOOD OLD DAYS” by Macklemore featuring Kesha

Why listen: This duet is very interesting, yet it works out very brilliantly. This song describes a guy who is looking back on the times when he was in high school. This song is practically relatable to high schoolers because of his powerful conveying of feeling and nostalgia.

  1. “Havana” by Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug

Why listen: Even though this song has become a huge success lately, it’s really catchy. These two artists really made the song; everything about this song basically describes how music should be these days.

  1. “Wolves” by Selena Gomez featuring Marshmello

Why listen: Selena Gomez has been having a few hit singles lately, but this one is completely different from the two others. What makes this stand out to me was the beat. The beat is a very unique one – it starts out low but soon becomes very loud. This song has an amazing, and the lyrics make it truly memorable.

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