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The Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7


October 17, 2016

The Magnificent 7 is the newest action movie directed by Antoine Fuqua starring a load of different characters,  mainly Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt as the gunslingers during the western era. The premise of this movie is simple and one that has been seen many times, a bad guy comes to a place to cause trouble and then the good guys have to rise up and protect the people so that the bad guy doesn’t destroy everything.

When I walked into The Magnificent 7 I was expecting a western gunslinger, shoot-em up, all out duel, and what I got was a western gunslinger, shoot-em up, all out duel, and it managed to suffice, considering I have a soft spot for Westerns. Magnificent 7 managed to established its characters in no time at all, which is exactly what I was praying the movie would do, considering nobody really cares about the characters in a western. We have Django Unchained for that.

The violence managed to be excessive, brutal, and almost cartoonish. For instance, there are several excellent gun fights and one especially huge bloodbath. A standout scene involves a villagers eyes being shot out while they’re still alive and screaming. There was no blood painted bodies or guts spilling out of corpses, but tasteful cinematic cruelty. This however is understandable because it is a PG-13 movie. But when the main fight goes down it really goes down and people are just dying and getting shot left and right and it’s just awesome. And then ending to this movie was something that just really hit home it was just special to me.

Denzel Washington kills it in this movie. It is very apparent when he steps on the scene that he is the man in charge of the Magnificent 7. Washington remains calm and collected in his demeanor and brutal at other times. He’s absolutely amazing during the shootout and he helps pull the whole movie together. Chris Pratt also did a really good job in this movie. He was very intimidating at times and others very likeable. Also very amazing and magnificent in the shootout scenes.

In the end The Magnificent 7 was a very simple plot that everyone’s seen that does not seem to be getting old. It was a very fun very enjoyable movie and for the magnificence of The Magnificent 7 I’m gonna give this movie an A-.

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