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Singing to success

Singing to success

Senior’s covers go viral

March 1, 2016

His voice has been heard by over 500,000 people. Yazan Abu-Hijleh has risen to internet fame after his first cover of “No Hands” by Wacka Flocka Flame was retweeted onto the popular singing account, Amazing Voices. Since then, the senior has posted four more videos met with the same amount of success, each one averaging around 100 retweets.

“At first, I was in shock,” Abu-Hijleh said. “Like, you’re scrolling on famous accounts that have all these talented singers – and all of a sudden you see yourself. I couldn’t believe it. When it finally set in, I was just really happy because more people get to hear my music, which is awesome.”

Abu-Hijleh doesn’t spend hours deciding on which songs he wants to cover. He simply waits for inspiration to strike. His popular cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” was inspired by an Extra gum commercial.

“It’s really just spur of the moment type of thing, which I like because it doesn’t feel forced. I like playing the songs that I feel and not the songs that everyone else wants me to play.”

The senior said that his friends’ encouragement is the main reason he started to post his covers on Twitter.

“It was really hard to do though, because music is very personal,” he said. “Putting it out there was kind of like putting a piece of me out there. And it was like taking something that was mine and all of a sudden giving it to someone else.”

Next year, Abu-Hijleh’s life will change as he pursues a business degree. Singing, however, is a permanent part of his life.

“I want to keep learning and playing music, even if it’s just a hobby. Whatever comes with that – bring it on.”

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