Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Quarantine School


For the most part, we as a collective have agreed that quarantine is not exactly a great experience. It was so bad that some students risked getting COVID-19 just to have in-person learning, which I understand. Online school can be difficult for a lot of people. It would be especially difficult for me, at least that’s what I thought until I tried it. Surprisingly, it has been a good time for me. So, I’ve decided to share the top five advantages and disadvantages of quarantine-induced online schooling here at Carroll Senior High School.


  • You’re nearby everything you need

Are you forgetful? Are you always borrowing pencils, paper, or other supplies from your classmates? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Your desk doesn’t change every 1.5 hours, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your calculator in physics. Plus if you’re feeling lazy, you won’t have to move to another classroom.

  • It’s an introvert’s dream

Ever had a bad hair day? Do you get anxious in large classes? Well my friend, do I have some good news for you. Online classes can be spent in your room by yourself without the distraction of other humans in the vicinity. No more crowded hallways you have to push through. Just you, yourself, and maybe your dog too.

  • You’ll occasionally be let out early

When there is nothing left to say, a lot of teachers will let you out early. That way you can work on schoolwork without the background noise from zoom. It’s especially helpful because some classes are incorporating video editing into the coursework, and being on a call while doing so can be distracting. 

  • You can get comfortable 

No more uncomfortable desks in zoom land. You can work virtually anywhere in the house. That includes the sofa, a comfy chair, or maybe even your bed. You can wear pajama bottoms and no one is going to notice. You could even wrap yourself up in a blanket if you keep your room cold (like me).

You get to be at home

You have 10 minutes in a passing period, what do you do? If you’re at school you’re just walking straight to your next class, but if you’re at home the possibilities are limitless. You can play a quick round of (some) video games, you can make yourself a snack, watch a youtube video without headphones, practice creative hobbies, change clothes, etc. There’s even been a time where I took a quick shower in between classes. 


  • It can be harder to communicate with the teacher

Zoom is nice, but not flawless. If your computer decides that being functional and acting like it’s supposed to be is overrated, you may have to miss a call or deal with mic and video complications. There have been cases of students having to use the chat, which the teacher can’t see right away. Plus, some kids just do better learning face to face.

  • Technology can be stupid sometimes 

As stated in #1 technology is good, but not always great. Things break, computers crash, Canvas sites get locked, my webcam isn’t flattering, and my mic sucks. Not everyone is tech-savvy either. So while a computer geek like me might be able to figure out an alternative path, someone who doesn’t spend their life behind a screen may have some trouble.

  • You are on display most of the time

Let’s just say there’s a reason I like having the passing period to freshen up. If you wake up late and you have no time to get ready, you might have to show your face anyway. So, unfortunately, your “I just woke up” look is on display for the whole class to see. Thankfully, though, there are a lot of teachers who are ok with you turning your camera off from time to time.

  • You miss out on being with friends

School can be very isolating if you don’t have a lot of friends in your classes. There’s never a guarantee that you’ll be alone in classes, but with online learning you definitely are. Friends can serve as a break for your brain in between classes, and without them, you can feel lonely.

  • You’re stuck at home

Being at home can be really nice… for a period of time. Unless you genuinely enjoy sitting at home all day, being at home all the time can be unpleasant after a while. You see the same surroundings all the time, and you’re stuck with your family around you. For some that is ok, for others not so much. There are plenty of kids who actually feel that being at school is a good escape for them, so when that’s taken away it’s not fun.

So what is the final verdict? Well as for me, I love it. There’s no better working environment than my desk, and there’s no exhaustion from running around the school building. However, that’s my opinion. The real question is what do others think about it?