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Kesha is back at last

Kesha is back at last

How her new album matches up with the hype

October 10, 2017

Where have you been, Kesha? That’s what everyone has been wondering ever since her 2012 album, “Warrior.” Since her last album, Kesha has been involved in a sexual and emotional abuse case she filed against Dr. Luke, the owner of Luke Kemosabe records, who Kesha was signed to. She won the case and was able to continue her career.

On Aug. 11, Kesha released her latest album, “Rainbow.” This album is not the Kesha we used to know. Kesha’s old style was all pop and bubbly, but this new Kesha is more acoustic, country and independent. The first song “Bastards” might seem misleading but it’s not at all. The song teaches us not to let people get the best of you, and to stay strong. In the song Kesha says “been underestimated my entire life,” most likely a reference to her court case and the abuse she got from Dr. Luke.

The third song is her second hit single on the album, “Woman.” This song as a whole is an empowering song for women all over the world, to stand up and do whatever they want to no matter what. This stands out in her lyrics as she says “Don’t buy me a drink, I make my money/ Don’t touch my weave, don’t call me “Honey.” This lyric stands out because Kesha is showing how independent she is and that she doesn’t need a man or anyone to make her happy.

The fourth song is “Hymn.” This song is for all the outsiders who don’t fit in anywhere. This song is about this because outsiders should have a calling to each other, and know that they aren’t alone and that they have others.

The fifth song and her first hit single on the album is called “Praying.” The song clearly and boldly represents her court case with Dr. Luke. This song is about how her last five years have been, and they clearly have been tough. The song also relates to others by being an anthem for those who have been through hard times. The song is very inspirational to me as an individual and others as a whole.

The sixth song is called “Learn to let go.” This song is about how Kesha was being bitter about the court case, but is now much more positive and bright. This song, to Kesha, also is a mantra to her in many ways.

The seventh song is called “Finding you.” This is one of the underrated songs Kesha has made. This song is about how being your new self is good, and that self discovery matters, and is important. It also means that you will always find your special someone and/or person who is loyal to you no matter what.

The ninth song is called “Hunt you down.” This song is from the female perspective of a man cheating on the girl, and the girl warns him. It’s a very country song, and as Kesha said about this song, she is “going back to her country roots.”

The eleventh song is called “Boots.” This song is another underrated song, but is personally one of my favorite tracks on the album. This song carries a very good message and represents old and new Kesha very well. The melody and beat seem like old Kesha while the country vibes and feel seem like new Kesha.

The fifteenth song on the Japanese album only is called “Emotional.” This song should’ve been in the American version as well. This song is such a very Kesha-like song. It is upbeat while the lyrics are sad. The song is very real, and has raw emotion which is very important in any song.

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