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Giving back by giving blood

Students participate in blood drive on campus

February 28, 2017

“We’re trying round two from freshman year because Taylar fainted when we did it together that year. Hopefully this time we will power through and not faint.”

– Ellie Moris (12)

“I gave last year and it went fine for me. I did hear a lot of stories about other people having not so pleasant experiences but I think i’ll be okay. I think giving blood or just signing up to be an organ donor or to donate bone marrow is a really good way to contribute back to the community without sacrificing that much in terms of time and money.”

– Emma Lin (12)

”I’m terrified of giving blood and so I kind of wanted to conquer that fear. Also, I am going into nursing so it would probably be ideal to do this before nursing.”

– Mary Olohan (12)

“Last year I donated blood and it was awful. This year went a lot better. I chose to do it again because since I have the most popular blood type, I feel like if I can donate at least once a year, it will give me the chance to help more people.”

– Lauren Kirby (12)

“I did it last year. We get food and it’s fun so I’m not really nervous.”

– Aeisha Pate (11)

“This is my first time donating. I want to help people who really need it.”

– Sara Reddy (11)

“This is my third time donating and it was easy and quick. I decided to do it to get out of class and save lives.”

– Patrick LaBarge (12)

“We love volunteering,” said Kelson “and helping the community” Campbell continued. “It’s fun because we’re close friends.”

– Ryan Kelson (11) and Nick Campbell (11)

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