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Why we can’t leave the US (Opinion)

Even though we might want to

November 10, 2016

So, the impossible happened; Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America. Since I wasn’t old enough to vote, I placed my trust in the American people, hoping that they would have enough sense to see through the fear driven campaign that Donald Trump has spearheaded for around a year now.

I don’t think I can describe how disappointed I was when I sat at home and watched the voters prove me wrong. Watching state after state go from grey, to pink, and then finally to the cursed shade of red was a dark omen. Now everyone, including myself, is terrified at what could come next for the people, especially the minorities, of this country. This terror can be seen in the suicide hotlines that received a spike in calls after the announcement, the tears shed during protests and gatherings, and the fact that the Canadian immigration information website crashed because so many people were already trying to escape.

After staying awake all night and thinking endlessly about it, I came to the conclusion that no matter how bad it gets, I, and the others who are devastated about this election, can’t flee this country.

If we don’t stay in America, everything we’ve worked so hard for will seem pointless. All of the movements we’ve begun and the victories we’ve shared will mean nothing if we leave and let them fall apart. The only thing that I can guarantee that will stay the same if we all give up is that the ignorant people and attitudes that have been in America far too long already will prosper.

If we don’t stay in America,the LGBT+ community, racial and religious minorities, and other communities and groups that have been specifically targeted by the Trump campaign will be left at the mercy of Trump supporters and the over 800 hate groups that have established themselves in this country.

But, if we stay in America, we can fight and make our voices heard. It won’t stop them from trying to take away our rights or trying to suppress us, but it sure will make it harder. Instead of giving up, we have to work even harder for whatever we believe in. We’re all in this together now, so let’s stay and make sure Donald Trump knows our names after his four years are over.

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