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‘Skip the mum, feed a family’

Laura LaBarge

‘Skip the mum, feed a family’

A look into why sisters started non profit organization

November 2, 2016

In order to make a difference in their community, two sisters, Destiny and Chaney Rose, did what many girls would consider unthinkable. They ditched the expensive mums to give someone in South Dallas a Thanksgiving dinner.

“We originally didn’t want a mum, we thought it was useless. We wondered if we could give the money to Youthworld,” Chaney said. “So the first year we made T-shirts. It was a really small group with four people and we ended up feeding 16 families. Then we realized that other people would probably want to donate, too. So now we are going to be feeding over 800 families and we have raised about $4500.”

The first year these two girls put this idea into action, our school was the only one to participate. However, 18 schools have now taken the opportunity to feed families. Flower Mound, LD Bell and Keller have joined these girls in making a difference in today’s world.

“It is truly gratifying in every way possible,” sophomore and ambassador Madi Hartman said. “Right now I can only speak of my time as an ambassador and not as someone who has gotten to see the children and their families receiving a meal. For me, just the feeling of seeing how much money Mumz4Kidz has raised for South Dallas families is a moment so incredible that I can’t imagine the happiness I will feel when we pass out food.”

Their second year, nine schools participated with 14 corporate sponsors and nine media outlets including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In 2014, $13,250 was raised and fed 300 families. Youthworld, the local organization, is a program in South Dallas that feeds and shelters families. In 2015, they almost doubled their last fundraiser to help Youth World and feed 500 families.

“None of these kids would be able to eat without stealing if this program didn’t exist,” Chaney said. “They’re also getting to be loved in a situation like this – so they’re getting their physical needs met and improving emotionally.”

This organization was started in 2013 when Destiny, her homecoming date and two of her friends decided to donate to a local organization that shelters and feeds underprivileged families. Chaney describes how greatly these kids have impacted her so far with the time she has spent helping out.

“I have know these kids since I was six years old. It’s just been crazy because I have watched all of them grow up,” Chaney said “There’s a little boy, Jordan, I’ve known him since he was two. Now, he’s so much older. Getting to watch him grow from this crazy little rambunctious kid into this student that is striving in school is so cool because he wouldn’t be in that situation if it weren’t for Youth World.”

Mumz4Kidz has grown immensely because of the ambassador program that started this past year.

“We’re in 18 schools across the metroplex and we have ambassadors at every school,” Chaney said. “These ambassadors have really taken it as there own and ran with it. A guy named Josh Stringer from Marcus just took it and went with it and one of his teachers nominated him to be on T.V. So they came and they interviewed him and he was able to share this passion that he had for these kids in South Dallas. So it’s cool that people take it as their own.”

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