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Shadow Warrior 2


October 30, 2016

“Okay so this is probably a terrible idea, but I’m sort of out of options here. I’m going to untie you. When I do, please don’t eat my face.”

This is one of the many quips coming from Lo Wang, the protagonist of Shadow Warrior 2. From the very first cutscene Shadow Warrior 2 had me laughing at its witty and vulgar humor. Beyond being a jokester, Wang is a deadly assassin with the versatility to use any weapon you can come up with.  These two traits make an amazing pair when slicing up demons and the Yakuza, a japanese gang. Lo Wang has a huge arsenal at his disposal featuring 70 weapons and his many “Chi” skills allowing him to have god like powers. The Yakuza never stand a chance when they stand against the Wang.  As I was thrown into the game with almost no context I soon realized there was deeper story then what was at the surface about a young woman’s soul being trapped in Lo Wang’s body. The entire game could basically be summed up in them having arguments about handling situations to what weapon Lo Wang should use should use.  When fighting, I was able to easily out maneuver any enemy with Wang’s new movement system allowing him to double jump and even dodge while in midair. Another new feature in Shadow Warrior 2 was not punishing you for moving around a lot by a stamina system, which was a great idea helping me feel like a real ninja almost flying around the levels keeping the game more entertaining. While “flying” around I was able to find a bug that let me get through the map but that was miniscule to the amount of fun I was having killing demons.

They went all out with the new weapons system for Shadow Warrior 2, adding a host of more upgrades, elemental damage, and weapons dropping off of enemies it was fun finding new weapons. The chainsaw was the most fun weapon by far being able to aim it at a target’s arm and cut it off was so satisfying visually, It was close to one of the first weapons I was able to get and I used it for most of my playthrough.  Graphically the game was amazing I was able to get the game to look great while still keeping it for being unplayable with my GTX 750 graphics card. During some cutscenes and conversation I noticed the music did not change volume so it would drown out any character talking this would have been more annoying had there not been subtitles to help you with even the most hard to understand characters. Unlike the first Shadow Warrior its successor has a mini map which was a great help especially with some procedural generation on side missions. The mini map also helped me  find new weapons and ammo to help me get through those tough missions. Dealing with my busy life while trying to play this game I always value a great save system which this had, saving at certain points and also saving at pivotal points I never found myself being frustrated from having to backtrack to a save point. The best feature about Shadow Warrior 2 is the weapons, having automatic grenade launchers and chainsaw sword`s has been my dream and now I can fulfill it with witty commentary and a great upgrade system that allowed many replays along with your friends.

Overall I would give this game a 8.5/10, as it was a great successor to the previous title with the movement system and the weapon system, but it had shortcomings in the procedural generation and not as a great optimization as I expect for a 2016 game. I can’t wait for DLC for Shadow Warrior 2 if they come out with some.

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