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Disappear Here – Bad Suns

Mica Kendall

Disappear Here – Bad Suns


October 25, 2016

Since 2014, Bad Suns’ record selling album titled Language and Perspective has earned them increasingly abrupt attention in the alternative music world. Their hit single “Cardiac Arrest” was ranked #17 on the Billboard Alternative Charts and they’ve opened for bands like the 1975 and The Neighbourhood. Yet throughout their climb to success, the band felt an undenying pressure to make the second album, Disappear Here, as worthy to fans as the first album, which frontman Christo Bowman, drummer Miles Morris, bassist Gavin Bennett, and guitarist Ray Libby succeeded in doing. Bad Suns came back with their dynamic post punk melodies and elevated the sound onto a more personal level for fans.

The opening track of the album, “Disappear Here” reassures fans that the sound of Bad Sun’s hasn’t changed dramatically, with its prevalent catchy and infectious chorus recalling to the first album’s popular single, “Transpose.” However, diving deeper into the album, fans hear a new side of  Bad Suns’ addictive sounds with songs like “HeartBreaker,” “Outskirts of Paradise,” “Violet,” “Patience” and “Daft Pretty Boys” bearing uplifting guitar chords and hypnotizing lyrics that leave the listener hooked. Along with their usual catchy songs, the band have opted to include synthesizers to add instrumental flavor to their usual standard ensemble of guitars and drums. Bowman also introduces more thematically dynamic lyrics than the last album in songs like  “Love like Revenge,” “Even in my Dreams,” “Swimming in the Moonlight,” and “How am I not Myself.”

However, a main contrast from the new album in comparison to the first album debut is the introspective point of view present in  slower songs on the new album, of which Bowman didn’t include a lot of in the first album. “Maybe We’re Meant to be Alone” stands as the most personal song on the album, with Bowman giving fans a more intimate perspective towards his love life present within his lyrics, on this sedated track. These more lyrically intimate songs are also evident in” Defeated” and “Off She Goes,” with Bowman putting meaningful craftsmanship into the leading progression of his vocals in the songs to emphasize the depth of his personal life within the lyrics.

Disappear Here is noneless a work of art of an album, that surpassed all expectations  of demeaning it as less than Language and Perspective. Bowman stepped up to the plate, with this album by creating a new take on Bad Suns, by tying in his personal life to this album in an equal amount of slow and upbeat songs. Bad Suns’ number of fans will only be going up, due to the smashing success of this new album, evident through their number of sold out shows for their upcoming tour in the Fall, proving Bowman, Morris, Bennett, and Libby effectively accomplished the anticipated revival of Bad Suns.

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